Ideas That I Plan to Work On

  1. I Would Give You All The Clothes On My Back: The idea for the project came about after the title of the series popped into my head. This project is the first project i have ever used my family as a topic. The more i grow up the more i learn about how much my family has sacrificed everything so I can become an educated and successful person. The project is a way for me and my family to both understand how importance family is, it’s a way to say i love you to them without ever having to say it.

  2. I want to start approaching local restaurants and offer them my service as a food photographer as a way to earn some extra money. The first thing people do nowadays when they are about to go eat at a new restaurant is looking up the restaurant’s instagram. By having well shot photographs of the food, people are more likely to go there to try out the food that looks so good on the instagram. This is a good way to attract more customers to the restaurants, also i might get to eat the food after i photograph them which is a huge bonus!

  3. Another project i’ve been working on is capturing the interiors of people’s homes. I’m interested in the idea of college students decorating a temporary home in a way that is fleeting but comfortable.